Happy ((belated)) New Year!! and Christmas Post.

06 Jan

OK I know that this post is a bit late..

In fact, in just over an hour, it will be 5 WHOLE DAYS LATE!! Oops!! But to be fair, I have been doing Work Experience. Aaaand, my other excuse is…. um, I didn’t have this blog just a few days ago. I think that is reason enough. Anyways, on with the post..

This year I plan to do things a LOT differently. I made many mistakes in the year just gone and I need to work on not making them again. I tend to make lots of notes when I have a plan.. So, my new notebook and my fancy Parker pen will help me with this..

One thing that I REALLY regret that started in 2011 was the way I’ve been “dealing with” my emotions. I am ashamed and upset to admit that I have simply been leaving tasks un-done, procrastinating, taking my anger out on everyone around me and….stuffing my face so much that it hurts.. I want to be healthy, I REALLY DO!! So much. So it upsets me that I seem to lack the motivation I once had. I KNOW what I need to do, I KNOW that it’s what I WANT, as well as what my body NEEDS, yet I just can’t seem to get on top of it. This really does upset me. The fact that I lack the self-control, even when I have the knowledge. The fact that I make all these plans, every day I plan, but don’t put these plans into action any more.

So this year is going to be my “Self-Improvement Mission”, for a healthier ((and hopefully then happier)) journey and a more constructive, optimistic outlook on life.

Now, onto something a bit more cheerful!!..

New Years Eve: Pat ((mine!!)) and I had no idea what to do. We knew we wanted to go out, but where?? We had no real plan so, we got the next bus into town and wandered.. It was busier than we expected!! And already getting dark. All we seemed to come across was pubs, filled with loud people and the smell of alcohol in the air.. nice.. Nothing caught our interest and we were about to get the next bus home again when Pat’s friend turned out to be in town with his partner and 2 others, at the bowling alley about 200 yards from where we were standing, contemplating waiting the 20 minutes for that bus..

So we went along to the bowling alley and joined Pat’s friends as they were just about to start a new game. We joined in and tried to catch up, but to no avail – see, Pat’s friend goes bowling A LOT and was just winning.. all the time ((show-off!!))!! We got a couple of drinks, then the staff started a New Years Eve quiz. Basically, they would stand at the desk with a microphone, call out a random question every now and then and people ran up to the desk as fast as they could to answer. First to answer would win a prize. At about 23:30, Pat’s friends left to go to watch a fireworks display. Pat and I stayed and bowled, playing another 2 more games, winning one each ((we played 4 games in all, the first 2 times we both got EXACTLY THE SAME SCORE!! What’s even stranger is, round 1 we both got 1 strike, round 2 we both got 2 strikes..)), and a little while into this, staff came round each lane with a bottle of champagne for everyone ((well, Perry, but I don’t really know a thing about alcohol, LOL))!! Then about 10 minutes before midnight, they gave out handfuls of party poppers, too!! They paused for a big countdown, then everyone, including Pat and I, set off the party poppers and called out “Happy New Year”, after kissing at midnight, of course!!

We left at about 00:30, my Dad having finished work just before midnight, picking us up and ringing us home for a long-awaited sleep ((which we still didn’t get until after 01:30)). Next morning, I awoke around 09:40 to a silent house – the only conscious person, and that was so right up until 12:00!! I just sat in bed and read Marley and Me – a really great book. This was perfectly fine by me ;).

I realise that this post is a bit scrambled, but bear with me, I’m new to this :S!! For now..

Christmas Baking consisted of:



Do you make New Years Resolutions??

I actually didn’t this time around. There are many things I would like to accomplish in this year, but I’m not going to set unmanageable tasks when I would rather like to try to enjoy the journey.

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