2012 Buys ((..So Far!!)) and a Random Ramble

13 Jan

Well, we’re only 13 days into 2012, but already I have bought quite a few new ((to me)) chocolatey ((and carob!!)) products:

These include:


Hotel Chocolat‘s 99 % Chocolate Bars,

Plamil Sugar-Free Chocolate Spread,

Om Bar Acai & Blueberry and Green Tea & Lemon Superfood Bars,

Siesta Carob Drops

My favourites so far?? The Acai & Blueberry Superfood Bars. Om Bar also makes other flavours, I’d love to try them!! They have all these!!

The spread is soooo melty!! Unfortunately, it’s also pretty sweet, despite being refined-sugar free, but I’m sure I’ll find something good to do with it soon 😉 – watch this space..

Other stuff:

This Morning was a little different. It should have made me grumpy ((as I have been a lot lately)), but it turns out that things going wrong can always present new opportunities..

I awoke to my 05:00 alarm, really tired after about 5 hours of sleep ((honestly the most I’ve gotten all week, though!!)), had planned to shower right away, but just lacked the energy so I thought I’d go get myself some fuel. Last night I prepared some over-night oats ((on the stove as we don’t have a microwave)). So I took them from the fridge and started heating them up in the pan. Something went wrong :(. My oats were just staying a gloopy, watery mess. Where was the volume?? Where were those fluffy pillowy oats?? It took almost half an hour to get some acceptable porridge ((oatmeal)) consistency and, when poured into my breakfast bowl, was less voluminous than regular-cooked oats!! Still, the big side of blueberries cheered them up enough, so I continued. By this time I knew I had no time to get that shower, so I quickly got dressed, brushed and straightened-up, thenn left for the early bus. Guess what!! It had already gone.. I waited another 15 minutes, just to make sure, but alas, no bus. Soooo, I walked the half-hour to Sainsbury’s and got a bus from there. This was when things started turning up..

As I was walking the country road to get to the next town, I heard noises.. squeaky noises.. A minute later, I saw about 20 bats fly overhead!! They started flying round, up and down the road above me, squeaking and looping, for about 5 minutes!! Then 3 owls flew over me as well!! It was the most wildlife I’d seen before 07:30!! For the rest of the walk I was smiling, then when I came off the very-crowded-from-school-children-bus, the sun was just coming up. This morning the sunrise was brilliant!!:

I need to take more pictures of the landscapes, clouds and everything!! I used to love this. Plus, I always have my awesome Sony DSLR ready and waiting to be used. Don’t let it go to waste, Jade – use it!!

I’ve been thinking of joining in and doing a WIAW thing. Not really sure how I feel about it yet, so I’ll mull it over a bit more and get back with a decision soon.


Do you like photography?? What is your favourite thing to photograph??

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