I want to RUN!!

15 Jan

OK, it’s not something I’ve wanted to do until quite recently, but I am pretty determined to follow through with this. One thing though, I NEED to warm up!! I have tried a few times now to just don my coat, grab my MP3 and get running, but each time I run out of breath too soon and twist my ankles SO MUCH.. :(.

I have been reading a ((growing collection)) of blogs and trying to learn from them. Also, used to do a bit of yoga ((like, 90 minutes a day??)) at home and really liked it, but haven’t actually done it for about a year now.. As well as photography, walking, music, Wii Fit, etc..!! So, this year is starting off very slowly but I think I’ll get there eventually. In the mean time, next week is the last of my Work Experience so I have to make sure it goes well. I have a big decision to make after this week. And I’m pretty nervous..

This morning I got up at 07:00 ((here’s where Pat would go “what, 07:00, on a Sunday!!?? Why????”)) and took my brother’s dog, Bandit for a walk/run. Here he is ((This pic was taken a while back, at the beach)):

Bandit loves the beach!! Not such a fan of the sea, though ;):

Hopefully Bandit will be in a few more posts soon as he helps motivate me to get back in-shape!!

After the walk/run, we all went to my Grandparents and took them out to lunch.

That was pretty much how today went. Next week is my last week, so, 05:00 start tomorrow. Be back probably on Wednesday, and WIAW possibly 🙂 . See you ;).


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2 responses to “I want to RUN!!

  1. teabagginit

    January 17, 2012 at 02:36

    good luck on your run – warming up is so key! 🙂 try some jumping jacks before you leave the door!


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