This post is a struggle..

07 Feb

OK, so, here it is, all in the open..

The reason I haven’t posted lately is..

because I’m struggling..

Struggling a LOT..


Food…. šŸ˜¦ ….

I WISH this wasn’t an issue, I really do.

It seems that the combination of:

Low moods + Anxiety + Loneliness + House full of Junk Foods = Binge-Alert!!

This is painful for me to admit, as I have no clue WHO is reading this blog. Could be anyone – family, old school “friends”, or of course, nobody..

I have now been struggling with this problem for over 6 months, and it NEEDS TO STOP!!!! My dad knows this, Pat knows this, and yes, I know this. I HAVE TO STOP using food as a coping strategy for depression. It is NOT, never has been, never will be, Ā the answer.

Anyways, I KNOW this has to stop. I WANT it to stop. I have a few ideas. Please let me know what you think, and also, your own strategies, tips and advice is, as always, extremely helpful!!

Idea 1:

Prepare in advance.

What I mean by this is, when not alone, make/cook something that you can keep on standby, either in the fridge or freezer, when others are with you, say, at the weekend. It can be as simple as making a double/triple/even quadruple!! batch of a meal you are making for dinner, and then storing all the leftovers, individually portioned, in the fridge or freezer, so that you don’t have to plan and take time later on when the time comes to make a meal. It takes the stress away, the anxiety, and it means that you are still getting a proper meal. I did this at the weekend in fact, only I wish I’d made more because it was a really good recipe for chilli!! It doesn’t have to be a dinner, or even a savoury recipe. If you know that you are prone to indulging when nobody else is around, just make sure you have SOMETHING on hand, fruit, a healthy-baked treat, just something you know is good for you. You don’t have to go OTT, you can even simply go to the shop with a friend or relative and get whatever you need that will help. I always find that apples keep me feeling full – more than bananas!!

Idea 2:

Throw it all out!!

Now I know for a fact that many people out there do this – whether they are dieting and “cutting-out” their favourite goodies and treats, just want to be healthier or some reason entirely different, a lot of people will get rid of their favourite foods, their “triggers”, the things that are “bad” for them. I suppose this does work. You know, Out of site, out of mind. But it is also quite restrictive, and more than we realise. It’s like all of a sudden, our bodies aren’t getting that thing/those things thatĀ they were gettingĀ before. Quite often, it is the sugar-kick from those biscuits you usually have with every cup of tea, the cake or other sweet treat you have when you come home. Now, I agree that it is a good thing to lose the biscuits, the cake, the sugar-filled chocolate bars, but your body ((and a part of your brain!!)) is now thinking, “ohh what!!?? Where’s my fuel?? What am I supposed to do now – I needed that!!” This is because we have simply cut out this “bad thing” and left it at that. What we SHOULD be doing is replacing it with a better alternative!! And what a chance to swap it for something our bodies will thank us for!! Some ideas are:

  • Instead of crisps, why not try a handful of unsalted nuts, or some roasted chickpeas?? – both pack in a lot of protein, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and keep your energy levels up much longer than those teeth-staining, starchy potato slices!! Another option: Get a wholewheat tortilla or two, spray with oil, sprinkle over a little sea salt and spices ((I recommend smoked paprika, chilli powder, cayenne and even cumin)), and bake at 180C-200C until crisp, before slicing with a pizza slice – voila – your own tortilla chips!! Great with salsa :).
  • If it’s chocolate you usually reach for, grab some chocolate-covered nuts or raisins, make a warming sugar-free hot chocolate, or look in your local health-food store and you should find plenty of sugar-free chocolate bars, naturally sweetened with coconut nectar, xylitol or rice syrup.
  • Used to grabbing a cereal bar for breakfast?? Make your own!! Here is a great recipe from CCK – yes, they DO taste like Nature Valley bars!! Even better, if you have the time in the mornings, switch from cold, hard cereal bars to a warm, filling bowl of oats. You can make soooo many variations!! If you don’t believe me, then check out all these blogs’ recipes!! The possibilities are endless!!

Idea 3:

Do something different..

Chances are you’re not evern really hungry!! So try one of these the next time you feel the urge to grab some junk, try:

  • Going for a walk – simple – just don your headphones ((or not)) and get yourself out that door!!
  • Do some housework – whatever needs doing.. there’s always something, just find what it is!! Pile of washing-up?? Vacuuming?? Dusting?? Simply tidying-up?? ..
  • Something fun!! What are your hobbies?? Like art, riding your bike, just hanging with friends?? Find what you know you want to do, and DO IT!!
  • Watch a film or your favourite T.V programme, or….
  • Relax!! Have a long, hot bath, go to your local leisure centre – chill out in the sauna or steam room, or lye back in the jacuzzi – most leisure centres have these after all, so treat yourself!!

That’s all I have for now, but I should be back soon..


Do you everĀ over-eat / comfort-eat / binge / whatever else you wanna call it!!??

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