Late ((again!!)) WIAW and some other stuff..

01 Mar

OK so I’m late to the party again – truth is I had a bad day yesterday, but that’s not what I’m posting about today, so moving on..

A couple of weeks ago I shopped on iHerb and this is what I got:

See that  little sachet behind the iHerb card?? That’s Amazing Grass powder and it. is. DELICIOUS!! I want to make more smoothies and juices!! Early last year I bought myself a juicer, the Philips HR1861 – and it came with a free juicing recipe book!! This book is pretty awesome and even has a few pages on doing a detox ..which I have wanted to do for a while. Well, now I’m going to do 🙂 – it’s only a 3-day detox so shouldn’t be hard, and it’s not like I’ll have to clear my diary or anything so…. bring on the detox!! I worked out that the whole three days of detoxing should cost around £37, so I want to do this right. First though, I need to clear the fridge of anything that I don’t need in the 3 days, so that nothing goes to waste. And just as soon as there’s enough room in the fridge, this detox will commence!!

Is it weird that I’m actually excited!!?? Ohh well 🙂 . I really think that this could help me. There are other books in this series, so I may well buy another one or two later on..

Anyways, onto the food!!

It’s the last Love Your Veggies WIAW as it was Wednesday 29th, also a leap-year, so, here goes, from Tuesday….:

Breakfast was my green drink ((that Amazing Grass sachet)), mixed half-and-half with water and soya milk, along with a bowl of frozen berries:

..I know, I should have blended them all up together and enjoyed a proper smoothie, but I was rushing around a bit and didn’t really have the time to set up the blender. I had to walk Bandit back to his house, then back again, before an ..appointment that I had, that I will share details of at a later date ((depending on how it goes..)).

So, by the time I got back I had just enough time to make a speedy lunch and eat it before my appointment:

A quick veggie stir-fry of carrots, courgette, brussels sprouts, spinach and shallots, with some Soba noodles and a quick miso-almond sauce and some cashews thrown in. For a rushed meal, I thought this was pretty good!!

Then later on….

Now, I know it’s not really a proper dinner but, come on, if you’ve just come to the end of a jar of nut-butter, you HAVE TO do this, right?? I know, I could have waited until morning, but I was pretty hungry and it just couldn’t wait ’til morning!! So I present, my dinner:

It was my first OIAJ and I did it right – with  chocolate chips about halfway through, topped off with some homemade sugar-free fudge, and the verdict?? I’M DOING THIS AGAIN!! Sure, it’s messy, it’s strange and that jar gets HOT, but who cares!!?? I’m not letting that last shmear of nut butter go to waste like that – there is no excuse to when it also saves on the washing up 😉 .

Onto Wednesday. Let’s start with breakfast, shall we:

A big bowl of warm oats, half-vanilla, half carob, and alongside frozen raspberries = WOW!!

I made up my porridge as usual, adding a few drops of vanilla, then dumped half into my bowl and added 1/2 a teaspoon of carob powder to what was left in the saucepan, then added it to the bowl and had it with raspberries. This was GOOD!! There is a subtle sweetness from the vanilla and a lovely richness from that dark carob. About halfway through this, I mixed it all up and it got all swirly ((that’s a word, right??)) and pretty – wish I’d gotten a pic, now haha!!

And then onto an early lunch:

Yes, this photo is from last week, but I forgot to snap one yeserday so I recycled 😉 . I pretty much had the same, except the pepper was yellow and instead of mushrooms I had MUCH MORE spinach and more sauce.. so not too different!!

I went into town for an appointment at JCP ((anyone who goes will know what I mean)) at 12:20, then walked around town and wandered into Health Matters and ended up getting these:

I wandered aound until 16:40 and got my bus back home again. Fun.. not so much when on your own 😐 .

Dinner was crackers, raw veg and a huge bowl of dip that I made – kind of like a sweet potato hummus, only a lot more spicy!! Yup, forgot to snap a photo, again!! Maybe one of these ((Wednes))days I’ll actually have taken ALL the photos for a post!! ..Maybe..

Wednesday night I was pretty lonely 😦 – Dad was on a night-out in his lorry, and Pat was too tired to meet, after his long day at college and just wanted to go to bed when he got in. So, I decided to sew – something I haven’t done for too long – way over a month :O !! So, I had a nice shower, donned my jammies and my creative socks:

and put on The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, whilst making 2 new dolls:


And that was about it last night..

Ohh, I do have pics of my breakfast this morning – Pretty excited – it’s my first PROPER green drink!!:

Yes, I used a sachet again, but only to give it a boost this time!! Into the blender went:

1 sachet Amazing Grass GREEN Superfood Original

Handful of baby Spinach

1/2 cup of Frozen Raspberries

1 Banana

Lemon Juice

Rice Milk


And the result was YUM!! I’ll probably use frozen banana in the future, and see what works 🙂 .

I topped it off with a sprinkling of cocoa and a dollop of smooth peanut butter, just to dress it up 😉 .

Right, I’m off now, so catch up later. Have a great day!!


Do YOU drink green drinks??


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2 responses to “Late ((again!!)) WIAW and some other stuff..

  1. karen

    March 1, 2012 at 17:31

    Hi jade,interesting reading,I need to lower my cholesterol,no haven’t tryed Green tea,x

    • jadelovespat

      March 1, 2012 at 18:49

      Oats are a great way to lower cholesterol 🙂 – I usually have a big bowl of steaming hot oats for breakfast and it’s really satisfying, too 🙂


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