Sorry for my absence ..continued..

14 Mar

Sorry for my earlier rant.

This post is so late because I missed my bus and had to wait an hour+ for the next one..

Anyways :)..

As I said earlier, I’ve been doing a lot of creative things lately – sewing, drawing, painting, photographing, sewing.. and I’ve been enjoying it again :D. So, what can I do with these “skills”?? Well, for now I’ll continue to do them for enjoyment, then perhaps I’ll find a suitable career later on 😉 I can only hope!! I plan to go out over the next few weeks/months to capture as much as I can, Spring, well, springing!! By this I mean new buds blossoming, new-born lambs skipping and playing, the horses running around in their field enjoying the sun ((the sun part I can only hope for!!)), and pretty much nature at its finest!! Ohh and by capture, I mean on camera of course ..;)

Another reason I haven’t really been up-to-date with my posting, is that I went on a “3-day detox” – a juice detox, to cleanse my system and help to rid it of junk. Since the end of day 3, I have been wanting to do it again!! Although this is going to be an expensive time, I really want to follow through with a longer programme, perhaps a certain “7-Day-Super-Juice”, or even ((hopefully!!)) can carry it on to do phases 2 and 3!!

The programmes/plans I am talking about are those from world-renowned Jason Vale, a.k.a The Juice Master. Find more info about him here – you won’t regret it!! This man has changed the lives of so many, and continues to fight for what he believes in, no matter how tough the crowd, because he does know what he is talking about!!!! This man inspires me, makes me want to become a healthier person, lead a healthy lifestyle, because it feels GREAT!! Please, do check out his site and let me know what you think. Jason Vale has one main plan – to “Juice the World”!!

I plan to start this new programme as soon as possible. Anyone wish to join me??

I realise that todays posts have been quite random, there has been no WIAW, even though it is Wednesday.. Sorry for this, I’ve actually been too hungry to remember to photograph anything today 😐 ..oops!! OK, I’ll post some of my eats from the past few days..


I only took pictures of my most colourful/interesting-looking eats/drinks, which included:

2 Bright pink juices,

1 real-thick smoothie – thickened up with xanthan gum and eaten with a spoon :P,

Crackers and veggies with 3 homemade dips, and

1 green smoothie featuring banana, spinach and other goodies, and topped off with the remaining banana – that I dipped in XD!!

I will try to post more soon!! In fact, I have a few green recipes I have been trying out – they should be up in time for St. Patrick’s Day!! Thank you for listening reading!! And good night 🙂

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