Cars and Sport Relief..

25 Mar

Sorry it’s been quite a while again – been a little busier than usual..

On Saturday, Dad took my brother and I to see a “rally cross”, which turned out to be pretty fun – I took my DSLR camera with me and got a lot of photos – over 200 in fact!! It was good experience getting to photograph lots of fast-moving objects:

It was a hot, sunny day and we all got sun-burnt – on only ONE SIDE of our faces!! But on the up-side, they were giving out Monster energy drinks and also T-shirts!! We got 6 tops in all and 4 drinks!! All of which Luke had finished by the end of the day….

There were some pretty nice cars :P:


And as suspected, things went wrong sometimes..

Like this guy spinning-off and almost causing a crash!!:


One car did even crash, but I only got to snap the aftermath:

Yeah, the front of that car is missing!!

That was all yesterday, and I would have posted then if I hadn’t been so tired!! Strangely though, I’m buzzing with energy right now!! I entered Pat and I in a 6-mile run for Sport Relief. Unfortunately, Pat was quite unwell, so couldn’t run as much as he’d liked to have done..

But we still had fun anyways, and have raised about £70 for it!!

As usual, some people came dressed up for the event:

As well as this costume was a banana, a couple of ladybirds and a group of 5 guys dressed up as 2 monkeys, a lion, a bear and a penguin!! This made me want to dress up next time – maybe for my 10K in July!! This one is for Cancer Research’ Race 4 Life, so pink is the colour that time 😉

Pat and I just made sure we wore some red:

I was actually wearing more red than is visible here – my top underneath is red, but I started wearing my hoody and threw it at Dad to take, about halfway through ;). But, after taking over 400!! photos yesterday, as well as the 700+ that were already on my camera, there wasn’t enough memory left to get many more pictures. Ohh well :P.

Of course, with today’s weather, I soon regretted taking off that layer of warmth, as about 3/4 of the way round, the wind really picked up and it was SO COLD!!!! My arms started to burn, but Pat wasn’t even cold!! He soon threw his jacket on me and we stumbled on.. Thank you, Pat!!

And thank you, for reading 😉

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