Getting Juiced 4 2012!! Plus a quick WIAW..

28 Mar

Hi peeps!!

I will do a quickie WIAW today, then continue with the rest of todays post ;).

My latest eats have consisted of: LOTS of oats!!

Topped with Peanut Butter and Emma’s Maple PB Granola – so good!! Mine crumbled a bit but this can probably will definitely be avoided in the future with EVEN MORE PB!! Can’t ever have too much nut-butter, of any kind!! 😉

Pumpkin Oats – yes, I know it’s Spring-time now, NOT Autumn/Fall/whatever you call it where you live :P, but I had a small pumpkin ((a munchkin!!)) leftover that I got aaaages ago and just couldn’t think up anything to do with it. So the night before I made this  deliciousness, I simply cooked this little guy when I was making dinner, so it would be ready in the morning :):

See, it was tiny and cute!!

Creamy Oats with a whole sliced banana and a sprinkling of carob powder – a match made in heaven!! I had this on the day of the 6-miles and it fuelled me perfectly 🙂

Suprise, suprise, she only got pictures of breakfasts :S – it’s true. I haven’t really thought to take pictures of my eats as much, lately. Which is sad because Pat and I had the hugest, most delicious tofu stir-fry last night. Yup, Pat ate tofu :D!! I found one that I’d not tried before, – Taifun Smoked Tofu with Herbs and Sunflower Seeds. We found it in the Health Food store in town and although it was pretty pricey, I picked it up – and I’d do it again ;)!! It was great!! Firmer than any other tofu I’d tried and had amazing flavour and a lovely “chew” from the sunflower seeds. I will be buying again ..when I can afford it, that is 😉

Other things I’ve had recently have been lots and LOTS of bananas, homemade coconut butter on crispbread and homemade any-fruit sorbets – recipe coming up!!

Anyways, onto the title of this post. Where’s the juice?? Well, I am going to do a 7-day juice-and-smoothie challenge. The come-about of this challenge for me is quite a story.

First, I was looking for a juicer. Why?? Because I wanted to make juices and smoothies, thanks to the blog-world, yet again!! So I looked high and low on the internet, in catalogues, 4 or 5 different shops, and finally found that the one with the best reviews ((and raves, even!!)) was the Philips HR1861. This juicer is top-of-the-range at a low price, and The HR1861 has a wide chute, so there is minimum prep-work needed. You can put in whole apples, without even halving them first and what’s more, it can juice 3 at a time, too!! Fresh, live apple juice in a matter of seconds. Yes.

But it doesn’t stop there, ohh no!! When I purchased my juicer, it came with a free juicing book, by the one-and-only Jason Vale, a.k.a THE JUICE MASTER!!  Not heard of him?? Then click on the link!! I got this book:

..and it is a great place to start for new juicers ;). There are over 100 simple and gorgeous juices and smoothies in this book, as well as a “3-day cleanse” which is quite a fun challenge. I’ve done it once so far, and now I want to do it properly. With the 7 days programme!! The programme is actually called 7 lbs in 7 Days, but I really want to follow it because I’ve read so many reviews about how people feel AFTER doing the programme. Customers say that they no longer get cravings, feel worn-down, hungry and that they want to keep being healthy!! This is what I am aiming for.

I have quite a lot of trouble getting to sleep, getting an average of 5 hours a night, sometimes none at-all.. My skin is dry and my hands get so bad in the winter that they actually peel and bleed – not nice!! I also suffer from depression and anxiety, which speaks for itself. But I see new hop in this programme and think that I can really benefit from it.

I should hopefully be starting to juice tomorrow, as today I still have things in the fridge to use up, and the last of it should be gone tonight!!

My Dad helped me to get all the ingredients, and there are a LOT of ingredients!! Here is some of what my diet will include over the next 7 days:

  • 76 Organic Apples
  • 5 Organic Avocados
  • 7 Organic Pineapples
  • 5 1/2 Organic Cucumbers
  • Lots of Cinnamon – yess!!
  • Greens: Spinach, Kale, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Wheatgrass.. all organic, of course!!

and more!! Now I’m ready to embark on my juicy adventure that I’m sure I will continue on for years to come!!

I have tried quite a few of Jason’s recipes from the book, Keeping It Simple:

As you might have guessed, the first and the third one here contain lots of beetroot. Which has its own special little side-effect :S.Don’t think I need to continue there..

As well as the Keeping It Simple book, I’ve now bought 7lbs in 7 Days and Turbo-Charge Your Life in 14 Days. I highly recommend all these books and also that you visit this site.

I’ll be back soon with updates on my juicy journey and some more recipes 🙂

Take care 😛 ….

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