Here’s Another Late One.. WIAW

13 Apr

Well, Easter is finally over. How many of you had chocolate for breakfast over the past few days??!! Me?? No.. I didn’t get ANY chocolate eggs. But then, vegan chocolate is a bit more expensive where I am :(.

As already stated, I did NOT manage to follow the 7-day programme to the letter..

But, in just a few days, there is another programme, The Big Juice Spring Clean, which is a world-wide programme that over 10,000 people are taking part in!!

Now, I have ordered a new blender as ours broke ..again 😦 . I’m waiting for the Philips Aluminium and the 2 books that I ordered a few days ago. So far, nothing. And I NEED them to arrive within the next 4 days!! Cross your fingers for me, please 🙂

This programme includes more than just juices and smoothies this time, as it’s for 14 days instead of just the 7. Basically, it’s the 7-day plan which consists of juices and smoothies only, and then another 7-days that will include lots of nice soups 😛 . I actually miss soup.. Used to make them all the time but then just stopped, so this will be nice and will remind me to make more ((if this blender turns up, of course!!))

Onto some eats..

I know, my WIAW is late, late, LATE AGAIN!!

Eats from over the week:

Cinnamon Rolled-Oat and Oatbran combo covered in a simple Peanut Flour and cinnamon sauce – yum!!

I also had my first ever overnight oats yesterday and found the cold pillowy oats quite refreshing in the then-sunny weather 🙂 I shall be experimenting with this some more!!


 with this warning on the pack..–>

Hmmm lol 😛 never would have guessed!!

More snackage of bananas..

LOTS of bananas. I’ve been lovin’ these on their own, slathered in cashew butter, made into Banana Scrambles from THIS awesome blogger and also in smoothies, before our blender went and died that is!! 😉

And, now that all my bananas have gone, of course I just went out and bought some more, LOTS more!! 12, to be exact. 3 of them already dissappeared, all in the same day 😛 and the rest of them are here:

Turning nice and brown to be thrown into the freezer – if they last that long, haha!!

A few pots of this – it is so good!! Sojade Plain is my absolute favourite yogurt and can be enjoyed on its own, topped with nut-butter/chocolate chips/jam/flavourings/nuts/cereals/the possibilities are endless!!

Ohh and of course, my newest obsession ((when the sun comes out of course!!)):

Fruit Ice Pops!! This one is Watermelon and the recipe for these summer delights cannot be any simpler to make!! Read on and learn….:

Watermelon Ice Pops

  • 1/4 fresh Watermelon
  • 100ml-200ml Non-Dairy Milk of choice ((I have yet to try this with coconut milk, but will do as soon as I get some!!))
  • Optionals: Mint Leaves, finely shredded/Extracts/Anything else your heart desires!!

First of all, cut up your watermelon and liquidise in either a juicer or a blender ((I used my juicer but am quite sure that a blender would do the trick!!))

Pour into a glass/jug and mix, or blend, in your milk of choice. Add your optional extras at this point and mix up well.

Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze for a few hours, or until you want them 🙂

To remove from the moulds, simply run under warm water for about 5 seconds, and enjoy!!

OK, I know that this is a pretty long post, but I just wanted to upload a few pictures of those beautiful juices!!

As you will notice, there happens to be lots and lots of GREEEEN!!!! I now LOVE green drinks!! ((Except green beer – yeughh, no thank you!!)) And I have been coming up with some green potions myself 😉 that I will post a later date!!

For now however, please enjoy looking at these beauties….


Check back after Monday for more juiciness!! Hmmm, can I still do a WIAW post if I’m actually just drinking my meals..?? It may turn into WIDW next week!!

Byebye 🙂


How is the weather where you are?? Over here it’s been all over the place!! On Wednesday we had loads of rain, then lots of nice warm sun, followed by harsh winds, sleet, a huge thunder and lightening storm before it calmed down quite nicely again. Weird?? It’s Britain 😉

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