Confessions and a New Outlook….

25 Apr

Guess what??

Yup, I failed the programme.. It’s not even over yet and I can say that easily.

I’m putting my lows down to a painful hip/lower back injury that is pretty much debilitating at the moment.. This, and it being the “wrong time of the month”, freezing, wet and windy over here and ohh yes, I’m on my own again!!

I’m still juicing every day and am trying to ignore the “cravings” that are all in my head and NOT in my stomach. Strangely, I’ve been “craving” a lot of porridge, nut-butters and stir-fries. The nut-butters I can understand, as they are high in fats and often salt, and of course the majority of oats is pretty dense carbs. But stir-fries?? Hmmm, I guess I just missed chewing my veg as I had been drinking all of my meals 😉

My new “plan”??

Well actually, as soon as I’m feeling a bit better I want to create my own “programme” to follow. I am starting to research the posistive benefits of vegetable and fruit juices, both by learning through Jason Vale‘s books and also finding things out online.

What I’m finding is that people tend to eat and drink junky foods and drinks for so many years before even realising that they are doing wrong. It’s not until these people are overweight and/or find that they are getting symptoms they’ve never had before, from illnesses, breathing difficulties, skin “eruptions”, depression, etc, etc..

Then they see these “detox” pills/capsules/patches/drinks out there in the shops and think that they can just pop one or two of these and carry on as they have been. How ridiculous is this??!! We flood our bodies with stodgy, artificial, hard-to-digest, high-sugar, high-fat, high-salt “foods”, and then expect to fix it by putting some other artificial thing into our bodies to “make it better”.. Um, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that 😉

So, what DOES work?? The answer to that could not be more SIMPLE!!

NATURAL nutrients, vitamins, minerals, RAW PLANT ENERGY and a bit of commitment on our part.

What am I talking about?? JUICE, of course :).

Really the answer is SO simple!! And all you need is a juicer and a blender in your home. The supermarket has the rest 😉

A lot of people out there seem to avoid veg and fruits like the plague, merely assuming that they “don’t like them” and that is that. The reality is that the big-chain food companies out there are advertising their “enriched”, “better-for-you” products in such a way that customers believe they are getting genuine nutrition. The sad reality is that what the companies use to “enrich” foods are just more chemicals or isolated vitamins that are no longer in their natural state or balanced with other enzymes, such as they are in fruits and vegetables. In fact, every single fruit and vegetable has just the right balance of the good stuff to do its job. It’s all already “chemically-balanced” by nature’s way. SO STOP MESSING WITH IT!! Eat a damn apple, not that chocolate bar, for goodness sake!!

At the end of the day, the truth is we all know that a carrot, for example, is better for us than say, a packet of crisps. Yet every day there are people out there consuming all the crisps, chocolate, take-aways and so-on, then looking out for the next best Celebrity Diet. What sad creatures we are, indeed..

Anyways, you have probably noticed that this post has quite a different tone to it than any previous one. I guess I’ve found my passion.

Just one last thing before I go, however.

IF you read this, PLEASE click on this link so that you can see for yourself just what I am shouting about!! Because until the world starts to see just how simple it is to turn around, feel vibrant and full of energy every day with one little change, I will continue to rave about Jason until I lose my voice!!

–>> CLICK RIGHT HERE!!!! <<–

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