Things Change….

06 Aug

Hey readers ((if I have any!!)),

It has been a very long time since I have posted.

A very, very long time….

And a lot has happeed during this time. I started ((and have now finished!!)) The Prince’s Trust..

It’s been quite a journey, spending 12 weeks with new people, working in teams and raising our own funds. There have been ((many)) disagreements, arguments and misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, I think we’ll all miss coming in to see everybody..

We spent a week on residential, at the amazing Youlbury Scout Centre, where we stayed together ((with lots of cockroaches..)) and did lots of team-building activities..


Played games in the dark, such as Man-Hunt, Sniper ((awesome game 😀 )) and long nighttime walks:


We completed community projects, raising our own money for this with dressing up ((I wore a monkey onesie!!)) and standing in the “mall” with buckets.., a quiz night and a football match, all of which were very successful – and no, I am not posting the picture of my costume haha….

As well as The Prince’s Trust course, my cousin got married!! She was so beautiful in her dress, and the speeches so moving. The weather was on their side:

and the venue was simply breath-taking..



((P.S.. Please excuse my bad photography skills – I’m still learning!!))

A lot has happened. More than I will post about on here.

I will continue now, to update my blog, but hope to bring a different tone to it, one where I am more of a blogger, less of a moaner, and to accept what is going on around me.

I know that my posts often seem quite scrambled, sometimes not even really making sense!! But now I really want to do this, it helps me when I read your posts, motivates me and makes me see that this community is s amazing and friendly. We all have something in common, and a few have more than others.. So, if I haven’t lost you already, please stick with me and I promise these blog posts will improve with time and care.

So, thank you, if anyone is out there, for reading this. I truly appreciate it and will try my best to improve my future posts!! 🙂

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