Random Quick Post ((Testing!!))

11 Sep

Hey folks. I have something wrong with my laptop so do not know if this will work, but here goes..

Still juicing every day here 🙂 and I’m starting to come up with some delicious concoctions!! ..Even if I do say so, myself!!

The other day I found that I had just too much produce to know what to do with – I looked in my juicy recipe books and found myself spoilt for choice with what I could make!!

So instead, I decided to create my own smoothie, grabbing fruits and veggies that I thought might pair nicely..

..And I came up with something delicious..

..Worth repeating..

So of course I wrote it all down whilst sipping at this ice-cold monster of a breakfast sensation 😉

Think I’m over-selling this a bit?? Well grab your ingredients, your juicer and blender, and make this:

Peachy Green:

2 ripe Peaches, stoned

1 ripe Conference Pear

2 Celery Stalks

1/3 Cucumber

1/2 Pink Grapefruit

Optional: 2 T Chia Seeds

Optional: 1/2 tsp Spirulina Powder

Optional: 1/2 tsp Wheatgrass Powder

Simply throw the pear, celery, cucumber and grapefruit through the juicer, then add to your blender along with the de-stoned peaches and other optional ingredients!! ((Mine is green and speckled because I added all the optional extras 😉 ))

..And then let me know what YOU think!!

Since I’m just realising now that there is lots of summer produce in the supermarkets and stalls, I’m grabbing as much of it as I possibly can, before it all goes out of season!! This year I have discovered fresh Doughnut Peaches ((after seeing them on,

fresh Coconut Water straight from coconuts and blended into >>Green Monsters<<,

Passion Fruit is delicious in smoothies and juices, and in..well, anything actually!!

I am in love with watermelon!! I love it fresh, frozen into a slushie or juiced with cucumber ((as I found out in Cornwall 😉 ))

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