Chai Spice Soft-Serve and Other Random Things..

12 Mar

This is annoying.. I meant to write in on Saturday, but woke up with a mysterious ((and very painful)) bruise around my right eye.. I hadn’t done anything to it, so I am pretty confused as you can imagine.. I couldn’t fully open my eye and when my Dad saw me he said that it looks as though I’d been in a fight and have been punched in the face!! Thanks, Dad.

Anyways, the pain persisted, a cuckoo thought it would join in and hammer away at my head ((not literally.. – I’ve had “tension headaches” for the past month or so, that just won’t quit)) and now a new tooth is deciding to come through at the same time. It’s like a lovely little party in my head, complete with drums, chain-saws and drills.. 😉 . Due to this, I’ve been very idle, feeling very lazy as I’m trying not to worsen any of this by moving a lot.. I have however, managed to do some gentle yoga, a bit of walking and, well, actually, not much else :/ ..I miss my bike!!

Right, now that I’ve finished moaning, let’s get on with some blogging!!

 Computer Lessons From Ozzy

Pat’s birthday was on Friday. He turned the big 2-0 ((Pat, if you’re reading this, SoRrY!! 😛 ))!! Pat also has a twin sister, Rebecca, or Becky / Beck, for short. So.. guess who else turned 20 😀 can you guess??!! .. ((OK, I think this headache is making me a little loopy – please excuse me)) They had a nice quiet day with their brother and Dad. I think they’re secretly trying to deny the fact that they’re getting old growing up 😉 . ((Yes, Pat, I can say that – I’m not joining you for another 5 months, so there 😛 ))

So Pat and I met on the Sunday instead. Again, it was a quiet day, spent inside, watching a lot of YouTube vids and cuddling to keep warm. It’s so cold here!!

I know I haven’t really posted any proper photos of myself or of Pat, and when I first started this blog I was quite positive that I would never “have the guts” to do so.. But I’m getting older and wiser a bit braver, so here’s one of us!!:


This was taken last year in May, we look a bit different 😛 , I must get some more soon. I have lots of pictures of the two of us, as well as some of Pat on his ((stationary)) bike, which will definitely be up here soon ((if he likes it or not 😉 )).

Pat and I have been together for over 5 years now, having got together in our second-to-last year of school. We’d been very good friends before that and started to pass notes in class ((which we often got in trouble for 😉 )) and then we texted each other over the holidays. Every day. 🙂 . I’d like to share our whole story at some point, but am going to leave that for another post 😛 .

Pat has said that he is happy for me to feature on the blog, as much as I like, and I’m hoping that soon he will join me so that I can introduce him properly – he does exist, I promise!!

In other news, I made another yummy thing today..

Chai Soft-Serve

Chai-Spiced Soft-Serve 🙂

It was really simple 🙂 ….

Those of you who have seen previous pictures of mine will know that when I buy fruit and produce, I literally get boxes full. Well, here’s what I have right now..

 Fruit Stash Mid-March

Pineapples ((got another downstairs)), Blood oranges ((my secret affair….)), huge Globe grapes ((thanks, Dad 🙂 )), mangos, avocados, passion fruits, baby pink dragon fruits and bananas just here.

Yes, there is a pair of slippers behind this box. My bedroom is where I ripen my fruit. There’s always so much of it, so I store a lot in here 😛 .

Downstairs I also have lots of carrots, cucumbers, celery, half a box of apples, grapefruits, pears, broccoli and courgettes ((or zucchini to you peeps from “across the pond” 😉 )), but no spinach, kale or greens!! Ahh!!

Well anyways, look at those bananas. There are five there, right?? Well, times that by about 10 and that’s how many bananas I had last week going overripe. Now the majority of those ((almost black!!)) bananas are in the freezer, just waiting to be thrown into smoothies, made into soft-serves, banana “mylk”, ….

The bottom drawer of our freezer is now more than half-filled with frozen bananas, then there’s other frozen fruit of mine, so not much space for Dad’s stuff ..oops 😉 ..

So, I grabbed a few for a yummy dessert to free up some space in the freezer. Actually, I had this for lunch….

Easy Chai-Spiced Soft-Serve

Inspired by CCK’s Vanilla Chai Shakes

 Chai-Spiced Soft-Serve

  • Very Ripe, Frozen Bananas
  • Milk of choice ((I used Vanilla Rice Dream, for it’s naturally-added sweetness))
  • Optional – Chai Teabag
  • Spices – Cinnamon; Cloves; Ginger; Cardamom; Nutmeg ((you don’t have to use all of the spices. Use as much or as little of each as you wish. If you use a very flavourful tea, you may not need any additional spices!!))
  • Optional – Sweetener of Choice ((Dates / Coconut Sugar / Agave / BR Syrup / Maple Syrup / Some Other Sweet Thing….))

If using the tea, steep tea bag in about 1/4 C of hot water now, until very strong. Discard teabag and allow tea to cool. If not using tea, ignore this step!!

Place bananas ((I used 2)) in your blenderizer / food processor. Leave for about a minute, to defrost slightly. Blend it on a low-speed, until smooth and lump-less.

Now add in your tea, if using, spices of choice, and however much of your chosen milk as you like. Start with 1 T, adding until soft-serve consistency is achieved.

Make sure that you add the spices and liquid little-by-little. You don’t want an over-powered bowl of gloop 😉

Empty into a bowl and dig in.

 Chai Soft-Serve - Xtra Cinnamon

I sprinkled on some extra cinnamon after serving, and stirred it right through. Yum 🙂

I may also have stirred through a few T of sultanas, too 😛 . Well, it was a “lunch”, after all. Needed some “bulk” 😉 ..

I’ve been using that Rice Milk lately, quite a bit. It’s very easily-digestible, which is great for me. I may just be making some more recipes with it soon 🙂 .

Right, I’m off for the night ((note to self – start writing blog entries EARLIER!!)). I’m pretty tired. I will write tomorrow, for WIAW . I haven’t done that for a long time!!

I’ll leave you with a picture of one of the massive carrots that I found in Sainsbury’s the other day….


See you soon!!

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