((WIAW)) Bearing It..

14 Mar

Ahh.. I know, I know, it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. She’s late again.

Anyways ((do I say that a lot??)), I haven’t done this for a long time…. This month is celebrating all things green. Though not yet in my case :O 😉 ..


To be honest, the majority of my Wednesday was spent sleeping. Which was actually .. great!! Pat and I were supposed to be meeting. He came round in the morning and we pretty much just fell asleep for hours.. It wasn’t until 18:40, when my Dad rang, that we realised we’d slept through the whole day!! Well, once we realised, we went out for a nice walk around the village in the cold breeze. We got back in and Pat ordered a pizza and sides. I haven’t really been able to eat ((without maaaajor pain)) so I drank tea and felt really jealous because I was starving did not envy him one little bit 😉 .

Soooo, this WIAW will be more of a WIDW ((What I drank Wednesday)) again!! Well, I did actually have some great meals earlier on in the week, so there has been some food!!

This is what I’ve been eating so far this week:


A typical fruity breakfast, here. It’s a mango bowl, with orange, mango and passion fruit juice. This is MY “cereal and milk” 😉  This bowl made me feel all summery 🙂 – it’s just a shame that we had 2 inches of snow outside at the time!!


A random juice. ((Bad picture, sorry!!)) I think this particular juice consisted of apples, pear, grapefruit, celery and coconut water. I love coconut water right now!! I haven’t been able to get to any markets that have fresh young coconuts, so my go-to has been VitaCoco – but it’s so good!!


Here’s some green at last!! I had steamed courgette ((zucchini)), broccoli and carrots, a huge steamed corn cob and mushrooms sautéed in broth and tossed with hemp seeds. This was a comforting and hearty meal. Especially with how cold it’s been around here, lately!!


A random meal!! This started out as a shop-bought Thai carrot soup, that I didn’t like very much. So, I made up a batch of Jemma’s curried quinoa, stirred in some peas and threw it all into the soup!! This was amazing!! I may even be tempted to go out and buy more random soups and use them as “sauces” 😉 .


I had more of the chai-spiced soft-serve that I made the other day. It’s not too painful on my tooth as I don’t have to chew, so I made it several times 😛 ..forgetting how cold it is 😉 oops..


And I’ve had lots of juices, including this one, my current favourite, fresh blood orange juice!! I love blood oranges so much, they’re gorgeously zesty, sweet with a sharp bite and a bit of a kick 🙂 . There’s a farm shop a few miles away from here, that sells the tastiest blood oranges, and an epic range of produce. I got a pack of wild mushrooms from there a few weeks ago, that had 2 different varieties of Oyster, Shiitake, Enoki and.. 2 types I couldn’t pronounce and don’t remember.. Anyways they were good!!


When Luke arrived, I was just getting ready to go out. I donned my coat and hat, grabbed my Velo 9 ((bike computer)) and got on my bike. I passed Luke at the bus stop and he passed me about a mile down the road, on the bus 🙂 . I cycled through the next town and over the bridge, slowed down a bit to get some sun, then headed back. I was out for about 110 minutes, according to the Velo 9. It was a good ride, but I wish I’d warmed-up a bit with some yoga, first. I’d have been able to continue for much longer if I had. I have been doing yoga a little more. I found some online routines that are effective and easy to follow.

When I went out, the sun was shining, it was quite warm and there was a nice gentle breeze to balance it all out 🙂 what a welcome change!! We had snow in the beginning of the week, and quite a lot of it!! I was really surprised to wake on Monday morning to a 2 inch blanket of white covering every car, road, roof and every surface!! In fact, it wasn’t only outside.. I’d left my windows open just a little and the snow was coming into my bedroom :O oops!! I had 2 puddles on my window ledge and tiny piles of snow 😀 I have to admit, it made me laugh though.

Both Pat and I have been hoping that this nicer weather is here to stay!! I’m personally really looking forward to the summer and the sun sticking around for a bit longer. We want more days like this….

WP_002889 WP_003071 WP_002893 WP_003415 WP_003349 WP_002902

Fingers crossed!! 🙂

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