This Time Last Year – March 2013

25 Mar

I’ve decided that every now and then, I’m going to make a blog post of what I was doing this time last year. I don’t know yet how it’s going to go, so please bear with me!! Hopefully it will be fun, funny and not-so-serious.


So, what was I doing this time last year?? ….

Well, looking back through my diary, and my blog, I was taking part in Comic Relief and watching rally cars, getting ready to start on The Prince’s Trust, taking driving lessons and making lots of green things. Ohh and I convinced Pat, my meat-loving boyfriend, to try tofu!! And he loved it 😀 !!

This year?? Well, things have gotten in the way and I’ve had to take MORE driving lessons, been experimenting with more juices and smoothie creations, Pat and I have had a couple of jobs each and been struggling to find something permanent ….which is extremely frustrating…. :/ .

Pat’s now been talking about going vegan. Wait…. what?? Yup 😀 Pat actually wants to go vegan!! This I am excited for 😛 now I must start experimenting more with this ((like I also did last year)) and make us vegan meals together, instead of never really knowing what I can make him when he’s here. I can make us more veggie-filled stir-fries, use lots of recipes from this awesome site that I have bookmarked, go to the great Vegetarian & Vegan Café that’s in our local town!!

Of course, so far this year I’ve still been juicing a lot….

WP_003999 SONY DSC WP_004025 WP_003884

In fact, I’ve even been pouring juices and smoothies over fruit!!

WP_003963 WP_003916 WP_003888 WP_003881 WP_003824 WP_003671

Yum 🙂 I’m loving my fruits this way, lately. So good!! Really looking forward to the summer, for watermelon, perfectly ripe mango, melons, and many, many more fresh fruits!! ((OK, now I’m craving it..))

I know that Pat is also looking forward to the fruitfulness that summer brings 😛 ..what I mean is, the other day he was craving mangos, so he went to our local Sainsbury’s and bought a pack of 2. He devoured one in under 2 minutes – I was trying to slice it up for him but he hardly gave me the chance to!! He had the next one as part of his breakfast the next day. He’ll surely have no problem in joining me in the summer with copious bowls and glasses of fruit of every variety!!

I do have a quick recipe today, of a great juice that I made the other day. This juice is cleansing, sweet, slightly earthy and very refreshing. Ohh, and it’s pink 😛 . I call it….

Sweet Beet Juice Treat

Sweet Beet Juice Treat

2 Apples of choice ((add more if you want a sweeter juice))

1 small Beetroot

1 Lemon ((Peel if it’s waxed!!))

2 Celery Stalks

1/3 of a Cucumber

Coconut Water

Place one apple in your juicer and follow with the beet, lemon and celery, before sandwiching with the other apple(s). Juice on high into your favourite old beaker and then pour in coconut water to your own taste. I used about half a cup. Add a brightly coloured straw and you’re set!!

Sweet Beet Juice Empty!!

Look at all that froth 😉

My juices always end up frothy. But I like this. Sure, I could use the filter jug that came with my juicer, but what fun is that?? I like the foam 😛 . Weird?? Probably.

Here’s my favourite old beaker 😛 . It’s quite old now and very scratched. I’ve always used this for my big juices ..unless of course I’m drinking out of a jar – because, let’s face it, that’s better than anything 😉

My Scratched Beaker

I’ve been making variations of “lemonade” juices quite a lot. When I’ve found a good balance of sharp and sweet, I’ll let you know. I tend to “overdo it” on the lemon, or so I’ve been told. But in my opinion, it should be sharp and zesty. Lemonade needs a kick!! What do you think?? How do you like your lemonade??

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