Holly Hill!!

25 Jun

Hey!! I’m sorry for my last post. I won’t be surprised if I have lost most of my subscribers :S

Yes, I have had struggles, and of course, still do. Who doesn’t?? It’s how you deal with problems and struggles, that matters. Thinking about them and letting yourself “stew” will only make matters worse. If it’s something that you can talk about, DO IT!! It may take time, but opening up with someone you trust can make so much difference.

Anyways, on with todays post 🙂


This was a walk that Pat and I went on the other day, from his house, up a long road, that felt about 5x longer thanks to how steep it was!! We had to stop a few times to catch our breaths. These pictures are of the most fun part of our walk to Holly Hill, a very hill-y woodland a few miles away from Pat’s house….


….By this point, we thought that we must be near the top of the big hill. That looks like it should be the top, right??….

Wrong 😉 . It took another 15 minutes or so, getting steeper and steeper as we got higher!!

So the weather wasn’t great, as you can see, but ohh well, that didn’t really matter at all 🙂 by the time we got near the top we were pretty warm and had to take off our jackets.



We sat right near the top of this hill and the sun came out for a few minutes 🙂 . We just watched the shadows moving across the fields below and enjoyed the quiet. We couldn’t hear the road below and it felt as if we were miles from anywhere 🙂

We’ll be going there again and again, and next time I’ll make sure to take my DSLR 🙂 .


It was quite hard to believe that this view could be so close to home 🙂 but it’s definitely a view that won’t be forgotten soon!! I wish that I could paint this scene. It’s something that I have always wanted to do – just go out for a walk in the countryside and take some good paper and pencils or paints, and just do it. Maybe I’ll photograph it next time and paint from the photo when I get back home 🙂 .


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