05 Jan


I haven’t been here for a very long time. I guess you could say that I took a “gap-year”. Well, without all the excitement and I’m not going back to studying or anything….

I wish I could say that my anxiety took a gap-year, too, but annoyingly it decided to cling to me with a vengeance, so that it’s hard to get back to, well, life.

When I write like this I really do hope that someone can relate ((though I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone)), just so that somebody else might understand what it feels like to be shrouded in anxiety and depression and feel as if they have little control over anything.. A lot of you may be thinking that this sounds dramatic. Unfortunately this is how it is. And this blog is really the only place I can express how it feels, without being ridiculed or told to “take life less seriously” or “stop over-thinking”.

Sorry, I didn’t wish you a happy New Year. I hope you had a great one, and a very merry Christmas, too!!

I spent most of Christmas day with the bigger part of my family ((aka my Dad’s side – Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, cousins and their partners, my Dad and Pat)). We usually have this get-together on Boxing Day, but this year my Dad and my partner had to work Boxing Day. We had a good day. Lots of smiles and laughs and jokes.

My eldest cousin has that app on her phone where you can control the TV, and my Aunt is always excited to watch the Queen’s Christmas day speech. My cousin put on last years speech with her phone, the few of us in the know were really struggling not to laugh as she had no idea and somehow didn’t realise that baby Prince¬†George hadn’t aged a year..

So, this is late ((very late considering I haven’t blogged for over a year)) but I hope that you are enjoying 2015 so far and, if you have made any New Years resolutions, that you’re not being hard on yourself.

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