Hi 😀 welcome to my recipes page, where I will share some of my favourites. I will continuously update this page as the blog progresses.

Most of my recipes are generally quite healthy, often very nutritious and always low in fat. Though this page may be quite empty right now, keep watching, as I have lots of ideas just waiting to be typed up all the time 🙂

All recipes are vegan (^_^) They contain no refined sugars, are low-fat and are pretty healthy, too!!


Cocoa-Carob Bowl


Cocoa-Carob Oats

Sweet Potato-Maple Oats

Green Pancakes!!

Zesty Green Peachy Breakfast Smoothie



Main Meals:

My Quorn Chilli

Bulgar Mix-Up

Green Quinoa Mix-Up

Creamy Tandoori Comfort Soup


Shh!! It's A Secret!!

Sweet Treats:

Choc-Chip-PB-Banana Cookies

Coconutty “Mint-Cremes”

Watermelon Ice Lollies

Sweet Potato “How U Like It” Pudding

Raspberry Soft-Serve

Chai-Spiced Soft-Serve



Smoothies & Juices:

Zesty Green Peachy Breakfast Smoothie

Peachy Green Smoothie

Super-Zesty Wake-Up Juice

Sweet Beet Treat

Refreshing Cucumber & Pineapple

Zesty Lemonade


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