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I haven’t been here for a very long time. I guess you could say that I took a “gap-year”. Well, without all the excitement and I’m not going back to studying or anything….

I wish I could say that my anxiety took a gap-year, too, but annoyingly it decided to cling to me with a vengeance, so that it’s hard to get back to, well, life.

When I write like this I really do hope that someone can relate ((though I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone)), just so that somebody else might understand what it feels like to be shrouded in anxiety and depression and feel as if they have little control over anything.. A lot of you may be thinking that this sounds dramatic. Unfortunately this is how it is. And this blog is really the only place I can express how it feels, without being ridiculed or told to “take life less seriously” or “stop over-thinking”.

Sorry, I didn’t wish you a happy New Year. I hope you had a great one, and a very merry Christmas, too!!

I spent most of Christmas day with the bigger part of my family ((aka my Dad’s side – Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, cousins and their partners, my Dad and Pat)). We usually have this get-together on Boxing Day, but this year my Dad and my partner had to work Boxing Day. We had a good day. Lots of smiles and laughs and jokes.

My eldest cousin has that app on her phone where you can control the TV, and my Aunt is always excited to watch the Queen’s Christmas day speech. My cousin put on last years speech with her phone, the few of us in the know were really struggling not to laugh as she had no idea and somehow didn’t realise that baby Prince George hadn’t aged a year..

So, this is late ((very late considering I haven’t blogged for over a year)) but I hope that you are enjoying 2015 so far and, if you have made any New Years resolutions, that you’re not being hard on yourself.

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Dolls, Fruits and Raw Foodies

Hi there!! 😀

So, I’ve had a few requests just recently, for my StitchUps :). I haven’t been getting my stitch on lately ((for a couple of months..)) but now I’m up and alert and ready to take orders!!

Please, keep reading - they're much better than this, now!!

These guys ((my first ever!!)) like to help me out when I’m not very motivated 😉 . . . .


Unfortunately, as I had no laptop for over 6 months, I couldn’t blog about my Christmas StitchUps, and couldn’t even put them on my Etsy page, either, so I didn’t sell any over the Christmas period :/. This is really what de-motivated me, because I couldn’t upload them. But now I’m thinking “why?? I don’t make them for money, I make them because I LOVE to!!” So things are in full swing again now 🙂 and I’m stitching and sewing and making holes in my fingers again and realise that I have missed being away from my ((2 huge massive!!)) craft boxes. They’ve just been sitting there in the corner waiting to be used again. Now I feel bad ;).

So anyways, I am going to put up a few pics of what I made for Christmas. Because I want to. And I don’t care that it’s now March ;). So here goes.. Please let me know what you think!! – and if you’d like me to make you any for THIS Christmas, let me know and I’ll get it done for whenever you like :).



The Santa and Elf -style StitchUps come with “Christmas sacks” – small knitted bags to put little gifts in for the tree :).

In 2011 I made lots of mini Christmas stockings, too. I sold so many and was getting requests for personalized ones with peoples’ names on 🙂 I had to keep lists there were so many!! Anyways, back to the future present ;).

I also made some Halloween-style dolls while I wasn’t blogging, and one in particular already has 6 “admirers” on my Etsy page and I only uploaded him the other day!! Here’s the one:
Zombie Zack :P

I call him Zombie Zack 🙂 and have been mulling over an idea to make a whole “Zombiez Section” in my StitchUps. I’ve got a lot of ideas for them. That will be a lot of fun :P.

As well as updating everything, I’ve been enjoying lots of fruit as usual – in fact, as much as I can get my hands on!! Yes it’s been very cold over the past few months ((at least it has here!!)) and fruit isn’t as easy to come by in the winter, but that doesn’t phase me. I need my fruit 😉
This year so far I have discovered the amazingness of beautiful Blood Oranges. They are now a favourite and I’ve been juicing them whenever I can find them 🙂


Not as blood-red as most blood oranges but gorgeously zesty and tangy nonetheless. All the others that I got were much more vibrant in colour than this, but of course, I forgot to photograph them ..grr. Maybe I’ll learn one day :P.

So, how else have I been enjoying my usual copious amounts of fruits whilst still keeping warm?? Well I recently found a network of HC/LF raw vegans ((high-carb, low-fat)) on YouTube and Facebook ((using my phone for most of it..)) and thought I’d investigate how they do it through the winter. It’s really interesting 🙂 and I even tried it for a little while. I was 100% raw for about 3 weeks and felt amazing!! Definitely going to look into it more I the future, and I’ve been including more raw fruits and veg in my diet since then :).

One such raw vegan is Chris Randall, who has just turned 20 and has been living this awesome lifestyle for a few years, and has an amazing story. He has lost over 150lbs eating as much fruit and some veg, as he cares for!! Sounds amazing, right?? 😀 I certainly think so, anyways. I made his Persimmon Pie, which is super-filling, so rich and tastes like heaven!! Only a few ingredients, too. Raw food can be so simple, yet so delicious!!

Persimmon Pie

OK, so mine didn’t turn out as pretty as Chris’ did 😛 but ahh well – it’s about the taste, not the appearance!!

Another HC/LF raw vegan I found is the beautiful Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, who has lived this way for about 7 years now!! She also has a YouTube channel and occasionally posts recipes. I loved the sound of her “Fully Raw Persimmon Nog“, her take on a vegan eggnog, so gave it a shot and woooow!! I think that I will be using persimmons a lot more in the future!!

Persimmon Nog

I made mine super-thick 🙂 it was almost a pudding!! The cinnamon in this makes it so warming and also makes it feel Christmassy 🙂 so I made extra and took it to my Mum’s house to have with our Christmas breakfast.

As well as these two wonderful people, I came across HC/LF raw vegans Megan Elizabeth, Freelea, Harley Johnstone, John Kohler and Tarah on YouTube. They all have great advice, tips, recipes and tricks for living the lifestyle they all believe in. If you’re interested in raw veganism/fruitarianism, I highly recommend you check them out, as well as the book, The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham.

I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of a plant-based diet, and have decided it’s for me. It makes the most sense to me in terms of health and sustainability, I love doing it and I’m learning more every day!!

This has been fun :). I’ll be making more StitchUps soon, and I’ll post pictures when I do!! But for now, I’ve juuuust realized that it’s 02:30!! My head should have hit the pillow hours ago!! :O….

So goodnight / good morning, depending on where you are in the world :D.


Do you include many fruits in your diet?? What’s your favourite way to prepare them?? If you’ve been here a little while, you probably realize that I love mine in juices and smoothies….

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Happy ((belated)) New Year!! and Christmas Post.

OK I know that this post is a bit late..

In fact, in just over an hour, it will be 5 WHOLE DAYS LATE!! Oops!! But to be fair, I have been doing Work Experience. Aaaand, my other excuse is…. um, I didn’t have this blog just a few days ago. I think that is reason enough. Anyways, on with the post..

This year I plan to do things a LOT differently. I made many mistakes in the year just gone and I need to work on not making them again. I tend to make lots of notes when I have a plan.. So, my new notebook and my fancy Parker pen will help me with this..

One thing that I REALLY regret that started in 2011 was the way I’ve been “dealing with” my emotions. I am ashamed and upset to admit that I have simply been leaving tasks un-done, procrastinating, taking my anger out on everyone around me and….stuffing my face so much that it hurts.. I want to be healthy, I REALLY DO!! So much. So it upsets me that I seem to lack the motivation I once had. I KNOW what I need to do, I KNOW that it’s what I WANT, as well as what my body NEEDS, yet I just can’t seem to get on top of it. This really does upset me. The fact that I lack the self-control, even when I have the knowledge. The fact that I make all these plans, every day I plan, but don’t put these plans into action any more.

So this year is going to be my “Self-Improvement Mission”, for a healthier ((and hopefully then happier)) journey and a more constructive, optimistic outlook on life.

Now, onto something a bit more cheerful!!..

New Years Eve: Pat ((mine!!)) and I had no idea what to do. We knew we wanted to go out, but where?? We had no real plan so, we got the next bus into town and wandered.. It was busier than we expected!! And already getting dark. All we seemed to come across was pubs, filled with loud people and the smell of alcohol in the air.. nice.. Nothing caught our interest and we were about to get the next bus home again when Pat’s friend turned out to be in town with his partner and 2 others, at the bowling alley about 200 yards from where we were standing, contemplating waiting the 20 minutes for that bus..

So we went along to the bowling alley and joined Pat’s friends as they were just about to start a new game. We joined in and tried to catch up, but to no avail – see, Pat’s friend goes bowling A LOT and was just winning.. all the time ((show-off!!))!! We got a couple of drinks, then the staff started a New Years Eve quiz. Basically, they would stand at the desk with a microphone, call out a random question every now and then and people ran up to the desk as fast as they could to answer. First to answer would win a prize. At about 23:30, Pat’s friends left to go to watch a fireworks display. Pat and I stayed and bowled, playing another 2 more games, winning one each ((we played 4 games in all, the first 2 times we both got EXACTLY THE SAME SCORE!! What’s even stranger is, round 1 we both got 1 strike, round 2 we both got 2 strikes..)), and a little while into this, staff came round each lane with a bottle of champagne for everyone ((well, Perry, but I don’t really know a thing about alcohol, LOL))!! Then about 10 minutes before midnight, they gave out handfuls of party poppers, too!! They paused for a big countdown, then everyone, including Pat and I, set off the party poppers and called out “Happy New Year”, after kissing at midnight, of course!!

We left at about 00:30, my Dad having finished work just before midnight, picking us up and ringing us home for a long-awaited sleep ((which we still didn’t get until after 01:30)). Next morning, I awoke around 09:40 to a silent house – the only conscious person, and that was so right up until 12:00!! I just sat in bed and read Marley and Me – a really great book. This was perfectly fine by me ;).

I realise that this post is a bit scrambled, but bear with me, I’m new to this :S!! For now..

Christmas Baking consisted of:



Do you make New Years Resolutions??

I actually didn’t this time around. There are many things I would like to accomplish in this year, but I’m not going to set unmanageable tasks when I would rather like to try to enjoy the journey.

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