I’m Moving!!


Is there anybody even still here?? I know, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I last wrote. Since that time, I’ve come a heck of a long way. Both in life, and now, distance!!

If anyone here is still at all interested in following my journey, I WILL be posting to a new place: JadeishLives.

To find out about my new adventures and how I plan to keep up the positivity, please check it out. And thank you for all the support when I was posting ((slightly more)) regularly. Blogging was, for me, a great outlet and a good place for me to deconstruct my thoughts and feelings.

My new blog will contain much more positivity. Thank you for being here!!

Goodbye, from MySparx x x

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I Make Felt Dolls!!


I don’t know whether or not I’ve written much about the story of my StitchUps dolls..

These are the first 2 that I ever made:


I started making my felt dolls in my last year of school. To read about the beginning, click here. Fast-forward a couple of years ….

To be honest, I haven’t made a lot of dolls these last couple of years. I stopped for a while, not enjoying the process of making them since I lost a lot of custom. See, a few years ago a friend of a friend had a small shop in a town where they sold their own handmade cards. This person took most of my dolls and sold them for me, not asking for any percentage at all. One day when I went along to the shop to see how things were going, it was completely bare and nobody was there.. This person just happened to disappear, apparently hadn’t paid to rent the space and upped and left without saying a word. So I suddenly lost 20 – 30 of my dolls out of nowhere and obviously it stumped me for a bit and I didn’t feel up to making them for some time. Since then, I simply haven’t made dolls as often as I used to at all ((I used to make 3 – 4 dolls a month, now I make about 3 – 4 a year, outside of requests)).

So before Christmas I got a request on my Etsy shop to make a doll of a character from a particular computer game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. Heard of it??

It’s a fantastic horror game and if you haven’t heard of it I recommend checking it out!! ..Just, not on your own!!

Anyways, so I received this request and decided to accept the challenge and personally I don’t think it turned out too badly..



What do you think??

It took quite a while to make, having been busy over the Christmas period and New Years, but right now I have plenty of time again to get creative!!

I would happily make Freddy again and experiment with other themed characters like this.

Freddy Fazbear StitchUps

I made a Smurf a while ago for a Smurfs-obsessed friend, but this time I’m a lot happier with how the Freddy doll resembles the character. I’m happy with how my dolls have progressed since I began making them in 2009 …. Wow. That is a long time!!

I’ve been getting a few customers on my Etsy shop, not a lot, but every now and then. But I’m happy to make them as and when people want them, so that I can take extra care making each one. 🙂

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50 Books in 2015

It’s 2015.

I haven’t made any resolutions, but I have a few goals. Some of them with Pat, some by myself..

My first goal is to read and complete 50 books this year. I’m keeping a list of what I’m reading, so far I’m halfway through my second book, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton and it’s magical. That’s the only word I can really put to it.

Another goal that is both Pat’s and mine, is to visit 4 countries this year. We’re really looking forward to this one, as a couple who really want to see the world, as people who watch YouTubers travelling the world all the time and wishing that we could do it, too.

Goal no. 3 I suppose is to find happiness. Not obsess over weight or healthy eating or size or shape. But to find my ideal. How to be happy in and with my body.


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